September 11 Left It's Darkest......
2001 Mohammad Badri (All rights reserved)

                       Candles are burning
                       tear drops are in fall
                       devil reached the cockpit
                       harmony shifted to harm
                       peace was erupted
                       principles were ignored
                       heading was tampered
                       healing seems too far
                       compass signaled rage
                       destinations revealed blaze
                       morning turned to a nightmare
                       no mercy from horrifying waves
                       sounds of crashes
                       magnitude of collapses
                       worst tragedy occurred
                       in history of America
                       demonstrated to humanity all
                       new century scored it's heavy toll
                       September eleventh
                       left it's darkest side
                       human's life values
                       fell to it's minimal
                       people worldwide
                       remained in severe shock
                       united with America
                       against terror of any kind
                       it is a harsh challenge
                       spirits are high
                       America stands strong
                       freedom will survive
                       let's pray to God




                       News is shocking
                       tempers are running high
                       dad is not coming home
                       for dinner tonight
                       his plane vanished
                       in heart of sky
                       don't cry mama
                       please don't cry
                       ball game is canceled
                       ballroom is full of debris
                       school is called off
                       eyes are full of tears
                       my heart beats too fast
                       my mind is paralyzed
                       sorrow is conqueror
                       remedy is out of reach
                       sun stopped shining
                       darkness buried sky
                       don't cry mama
                       please don't cry
                       let's pray to God

                       King of terror
                       wrapped up in coffin
                       terrorized the sky
                       over America
                       humiliated Arab race
                       for centuries to come
                       dishonored the glory of Islam
                       committed both acts
                       suicide and homicide in fact
                       forbidden by Holy Koran
                       no religion ever declares
                       massacring innocent people
                       gives key to heaven
                       it is never all right
                       many lives perished
                       they were precious
                       innocent victims
                       adults and children
                       with diverse origin
                       world trade towers
                       those beauty queens
                       symbol of America's strength
                       dream of world's prosperity
                       turned to incinerators
                       for many human's flesh
                       transposed to massive ashes
                       floated in sky
                       artistic design of pentagon
                       shifted to a huge casket
                       it's never all right
                       President Bush!
                       call is yours
                       terror's tumor is gaining
                       world deserves saving
                       from states around Persian Gulf
                       to Mediterranean sea
                       upto central Africa
                       throughout South Asia
                       Kashmir to China sea
                       people are despaired
                       for democracy
                       promoting democracy
                       is a key to succeed
                       eliminates terrorism seeds
                       among worldwide states
                       America stands strong
                       leading the world
                       with courage and pride
                       great leader like you
                       carrying a huge burden
                       through this historical landmark
                       touching passionately
                       American people one by one
                       people and government
                       united closer than ever
                       under flag of America
                       newborn towers
                       will soon be in rise
                       terrorism will become
                       history's landfill
                       world wide congregation
                       will end such an ordeal
                       price is so high
                       for freedom to survive
                       world is behind you
                       cause is justified
                       may God bless you
                       God bless America
                       let's pray to God